Whether you never had the option to straighten your teeth as a teenager, or it wasn’t a major concern, you may worry you’ve left it too late now you’ve reached adulthood. 

Maybe you’re more aware of your smile and want to straighten your teeth. Or, you know, there are other health benefits you want to take advantage of. However, unhelpful myths and assumptions may put you off seeking treatment. 

If you decide to straighten your teeth, it’s natural to have many questions. Is it too late to straighten your teeth as an adult? Will orthodontic treatment hurt? 

In this guide, we’ll separate fact from fiction and tell you what you need to know about straightening your teeth as an adult. 

MYTH 1: It’s Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth

When teeth straightening is mentioned, teenagers often spring to mind. Teenagers often get their teeth straightened. But does this mean it’s not a treatment for adults?

The Facts…

We often aim to straighten teeth as early as possible to give people the best oral health future. Straightening their teeth reduces the risk of oral health problems throughout a patient’s life. A straighter smile can also help teenagers with their confidence.

However, none of this means teeth straightening is only for children and teenagers. —Far from it. Countless patients of all ages opt to straighten their teeth every year. Adults enjoy the same success as younger patients. It’s never too late. 

MYTH 2: Teeth Straightening Treatments Stand Out

Fixed braces are a common option for straightening teeth. They’re a tried and tested method which have been used for decades. But as an adult, you may worry about embarrassment while wearing obvious orthodontic appliances. 

The Facts…

Orthodontics has come on a long and exciting journey in the last two and a half decades. Gone are the days when the only option for straightening teeth was to wear fixed metal braces. 

Now, you can straighten your teeth using clear removable aligners from Invisalign or have fixed braces hidden behind your smile courtesy of Incognito lingual braces. If you want to take a more traditional approach, fixed braces have become more subtle too. Tooth-coloured braces blend into your smile for more discreet treatment. 

You may be surprised to learn that many adults undergo orthodontic treatments without anyone noticing their appliance. 

MYTH 3: Teeth Straightening Just Gives You a Nicer Smile

Orthodontic treatments really do improve the appearance of your smile. They close gaps, spread out crowded teeth, and bring crooked smiles into line. But is it worth going through treatment for cosmetic reasons later in life?

The Facts…

While there’s no upper age limit on looking and feeling great, orthodontics offers more than just aesthetics. 

Straightening your teeth makes it easier to clean them. This helps you remove plaque and food debris when brushing or flossing. In turn, it decreases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. 

Improving the position of teeth can also benefit your bite. Orthodontic treatment makes it easier to bite and speak. It also helps prevent jaw pain from conditions like temporomandibular disorder. 

MYTH 4: Straightening Your Teeth Is Expensive

If you’re straightening your teeth as an adult, you won’t get treatment on the NHS. So, is it as expansive as you imagine?

The Facts…

There’s more than one way to straighten your teeth. As such, treatment costs vary depending on which option you choose. You can spread the cost of your treatment with our finance options. This makes treatment even more affordable. 

MYTH 5: It Takes Ages to See Results

Orthodontics is a slow process where teeth move in small amounts gradually. But does this mean you won’t see the results for months or even years?

The Facts…

It is true that orthodontic treatment isn’t immediate. Treatment lengths will vary. However, depending on the extent of the straightening needed, your treatment may only take six months. 

But whether your treatment takes six months or two years, you can see the change before completion. 

Invisalign is a clear and removable aligner system. You can see the difference after a matter of weeks. 

Lingual braces are fixed to the back of your mouth so won’t obscure your view. You’ll see the changes in the mirror in no time. 

MYTH 6: Teeth Straightening Is Uncomfortable

Wearing appliances on your teeth that use force to create a straighter smile is painful. Or is it?

The Facts…

You may expect that constant pressure on your teeth might cause some discomfort. In reality, the force is so small you’ll barely notice it after a while. Whether you choose a fixed brace option or removable Invisalign aligners, you’ll quickly get used to the gentle tension. 

Another thing that you might expect to cause discomfort is the brackets from fixed braces. Although these can rub against parts of your mouth, you can use orthodontic wax to improve comfort levels. 

MYTH 7: Adult Teeth Take Much Longer to Straighten

Given that orthodontic treatments are often offered to teenagers, you may assume it takes much longer when you’re older. 

The Facts…

When you’re an adult, your teeth and jaws are fully developed. This can increase the duration of the treatment. But it might be by less than you’d expect. 

Factors that affect treatment duration are similar across age groups. These could include the extent of the treatment needed, the straightening technique used, lifestyle, health, and how well you adhere to the process. 

Treatment lengths can vary between six months and two or more years. 

MYTH 8: DIY Orthodontics Are Better for Adults

Online aligner brands without the need for dental supervision may offer convenience and promise discretion, making them perfect for adults. But are they really perfect, or more hassle than they’re worth?

The Facts…

In recent years, many DIY orthodontics brands have popped up and disappeared. Some have endured. They promise to take the fuss out of treatment and save you money too. As a busy adult, this may appeal to you. But there are some major drawbacks. 

Before commencing any orthodontic treatment, it’s essential to undergo a full clinical assessment, including X-rays. Your progress must also be assessed throughout the process. 

Our treatments follow bespoke plans centred around your specific oral health needs. You won’t get this from an online treatment. 

Finally, after a DIY treatment, you won’t receive the ongoing support to ensure your results stay. Retainers are essential for preventing your teeth from relapsing to their old position. 

The lack of planning, assessment, and aftercare means your treatment won’t be efficient or safe! 

Whatever your age, it’s always best to straighten your teeth with a treatment from a dental professional. 

Adult Teeth Straightening in London

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