Incognito Braces — The Most Discreet Option Yet

Single Arch from £5500
Two Arches from £9500

By Specialist Orthodontists


At The London Smile Clinic, we offer Incognito braces—an innovative orthodontic solution that provides the most discreet teeth straightening available.

Unlike traditional braces, Incognito lingual braces are placed behind the teeth, allowing you to achieve a beautifully aligned smile without anyone ever guessing you’re undergoing treatment.


Duration 6 to 24 Months
Pricing Single Arch from £5500
Two Arches from £9500

Introducing Incognito Lingual Braces


Incognito, or lingual braces, rely on the same straightening method as the conventional braces you’ve undoubtedly seen before—a series of metal brackets connected by wires that are gradually tightened to bring the teeth to the perfect position.


But there’s a crucial difference: Where conventional braces are affixed to the front of the teeth where everyone can see them, lingual braces are placed behind them.

This means the only person who’ll ever see your incognito braces is your dentist!

Why We Love Incognito Braces

1The Truly Invisible Option

One of the primary advantages of Incognito braces is their discreet design. Since they are placed on the back surfaces of your teeth, they remain hidden from view, allowing you to smile and speak confidently throughout your treatment.

2Complete Customisation

Incognito braces are custom-made to fit the unique contours of your teeth, ensuring a comfortable and precise fit. This personalised approach to orthodontic treatment minimises discomfort and enhances the overall treatment experience.

3Effective Alignment

Incognito braces are highly effective in correcting a wide range of orthodontic issues, including crowding, spacing, overbite, underbite, crossbite, and more. So, whether you have minor alignment issues or more complex malocclusions, Incognito braces can help you achieve the perfect smile.

4Designed for Convenience

With Incognito braces, there’s no need to worry about removing aligners for eating or cleaning. Since the braces are fixed behind your teeth, you can enjoy your favourite foods and easily maintain your regular oral hygiene routine.



From Our Patients

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At the smile clinic they are friendly and efficient. My appointments are on time and hassle free. After 20 years of avoiding dentists, I am now a real advocate.

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Absolutely love my new smile � thank you London Smile Clinic it’s been an amazing journey!

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Thank you London smile clinic for giving me an amazing new smile

Discreet AND Versatile

Incognito braces are effective in treating a wide range of orthodontic challenges, including:

When the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth excessively, potentially leading to aesthetic and functional issues.



The lower teeth protrude past the upper front teeth, affecting bite alignment and facial aesthetics.



Some upper teeth sit behind the lower teeth when biting, potentially causing uneven wear of teeth and jaw misalignment.



Insufficient space in the dental arch for all teeth to align correctly, leading to overlapping or rotated teeth.



Excessive gaps between teeth can occur due to tooth loss, small teeth, or irregular jawbone growth.


Open Bite

A lack of contact between the upper and lower teeth when biting, potentially affecting speech, chewing, and facial aesthetics.



Also known as protrusion, an overjet is when the upper front teeth protrude excessively beyond the lower front teeth, affecting appearance and bite function.


Midline Discrepancy

When the centerline of the upper and lower teeth does not align properly, leading to asymmetry in the smile and bite.

Ready for Secret Straightening with London Smile Clinic?

Ready to embark on your journey to a beautifully aligned smile with Incognito braces? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced orthodontic team.

We’ll assess your unique needs, discuss your treatment options, and create a personalised plan to help you enjoy the benefits of discreet orthodontic treatment with Incognito.

Incognito Braces FAQs



What are Incognito braces?

Incognito braces, also known as lingual braces, are custom-made orthodontic appliances that are placed on the back surfaces of your teeth, making them virtually invisible from the outside.


How do Incognito braces differ from traditional braces?

Unlike traditional braces affixed to the front of the teeth, Incognito braces are placed on the teeth’s lingual (back) surfaces, offering a discreet orthodontic solution.


Are Incognito braces comfortable to wear?

Yes, Incognito braces are custom-made to fit the unique contours of your teeth, ensuring a comfortable and precise fit. While there may be an adjustment period, most patients find them comfortable to wear once they adapt to the braces.


How long does treatment with Incognito braces take?

The duration of treatment with Incognito braces varies depending on the complexity of your case and your specific orthodontic needs. During your initial consultation, our orthodontic team will provide you with an estimated treatment timeline.


Will I need to change my diet with Incognito braces?

No! You can continue eating and drinking as usual with Incognito braces since they are fixed behind your teeth. However, to prevent damage to the braces, it’s essential to avoid foods that are excessively hard or sticky.


How do I clean and maintain my Incognito braces?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial during treatment with Incognito braces. You should brush your teeth thoroughly after each meal and floss regularly to remove food particles and plaque buildup around the braces.


Are there any restrictions on activities while wearing Incognito braces?

While there are no significant restrictions on activities with Incognito braces, you may need to adjust your technique or wear a mouthguard for some sports activities to protect your braces and teeth from injury.


Are Incognito braces suitable for everyone?

Incognito braces are suitable for most people seeking discreet orthodontic treatment. However, certain dental conditions or anatomical factors may make other options more suitable. Our team will provide a complete evaluation to determine if Incognito braces are right for you.


Do Incognito braces require more frequent orthodontic visits?

Your orthodontic visits with Incognito braces are scheduled regularly to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments. The frequency of visits may vary depending on your treatment plan and individual needs—we’ll provide more info at your consultation.


Can I switch from traditional braces to Incognito braces?

Patients may sometimes transition from traditional braces to Incognito braces if they prefer a more discreet orthodontic option. If you’ve already started with conventional braces and want to switch to Incognito, just let us know when booking your consultation.



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