Teeth Bonding

Match the Natural Shade of your Teeth

From £400 per tooth


The latest materials and techniques materials have revolutionised cosmetic bonding. We can now match the natural shade, translucency and texture of your teeth.

Best suited for smaller changes, cosmetic bonding, can close gaps, smooth chips and hide small areas of discoloration.

Cosmetic Bonding is usually completed in one session. Arrange a consultation and see exactly what improvements cosmetic bonding can make to your smile via our computer imaging system.

Duration 1 Visit
Pricing From £400 per tooth

Case studies

This lovely lady came to us to improve on her smile as she was feeling self-conscious about her smile and wanted to be happy having her picture taken. We provided her with whitening procedure, Bonding and a crown. This was a fairly non-invasive way of achieving a great result. It has exceeded her expectations and she is much more confident now.

This patient felt his teeth were mismatched and discoloured. He was interested in veneers as a family member had had a smile makeover previously. He was treated with a combination of whitening, contouring and bonding to give him a smile that he loves.

This patient always wanted to have a straighter and brighter smile. She was treated with lingual braces, tooth whitening and bonding.

This young lady was really unhappy with her chipped, ageing smile. This beautiful transformation was done by Dr David Jones, who has placed composite bondings on the front four teeth for a seamless result.


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