Gum Reshaping

Pain-free gum reshaping

From £425 per tooth


For those clients with low or uneven gum levels a laser gum reshaping treatment can correct this. If a client has a gummy smile a painless gum lift can be offered. The London smile clinic has huge experience with gum lifts and Dr Bradstock-Smith and Dr Russell have recently authored a dental article on the state of the art procedure they have developed for predictably and quickly reshaping gums.

Patients often worry that gum lifts might be uncomfortable but in fact these procedures are pain-free. Take a look at the following cases and the comments these patients made about their treatments.


Duration 1 Visit
Pricing From £425 per tooth

Case studies

This patient was unhappy with her gummy smile and the appearance of her teeth. A gum lift and veneers on 10 upper teeth finally gave her the smile she had always wanted the difference is amazing and she is overjoyed with the result.

This patient presented at the clinic, unhappy with her current smile and wanting to correct some previous dental problems. Fixed braces were worn for 8 months, once aligned the patient had a gum lift and replacement veneers on the front 8 teeth.

Rebecca felt that by improving her smile her career as an actress would benefit. She wanted natural improvements. Twelve veneers were placed on her top teeth along with a gum lift which created her perfect smile. Rebecca is now hopeful her castings will take off as a result of her new smile.


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