Uneven and Discoloured Teeth

The Problem

After seeing how great her smile could look at her cosmetic consultation using our computer imaging Radka could not wait to start treatment.


The Solution

Ten veneers were placed to create a natural smile with a fresher and brighter look!

The Interview

What motivated you to change your smile?

I made the decision to look into what my options were and once I had met James and had my consultation there was no way I was going back

What treatment did you have

Ten veneers.

How did you feel during the process, was your treatment comfortable?

The team were very well organised, the whole process was easy.

How do you feel about the result, did it match or exceed your expectations?

It’s better than I could have ever imagined. I never realised how much a smile can change someone’s attitude and confidence.

Is it something you would recommend to family and friends?

I don’t have to say a word to anyone I just smile and people instantly ask about my teeth. I already have a friend considering treatment as well as some colleagues.

How has your new smile changed your life, what difference will it make to you?

I feel much more confident and happy with my appearance.

Sum up your experience in one word:


How did the team contribute to your experience?

A bunch of lovely people with smiles on their faces, it was always a pleasure. They are very helpful and that is always appreciated.

How can we help you?

10 Secrets to a
Perfect Smile

(avoid all the costly, painful, irreversible pitfalls).

10 Secrets to
a Perfect Smile

(avoid all the costly, painful,
irreversible pitfalls).


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