Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Anna for everything you done, I know it’s your job but you both made the whole experience a lot more pleasant than I ever expected, and I can't believe how painless the whole experience was!!

I had 100% trust in you and I honestly don't think a lot of people could say that about their dentist! You and Anna work great as a team which made me feel so confident in the work you were doing, Anna was so helpful and really makes you feel cared for, The work you do Manrina is amazing and I can't thank you enough!

I absolutely love my new teeth! I should have got them done a lot sooner! Hopefully you will still be there when I need them re-doing in the next 10-15 years! Anyway once again a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU BOTH and hopefully I'll see you soon when I come in for my hygiene check ups x

Charlotte Baverstock

If only all visits to the dentist were like this!

From the small things like disposable toothbrushes and mouthwash for you before your appointment to the bigger things like the excellent service and care this has been nothing but a pleasant experience.

Thank you for the excellent results, I will of course be recommending the London Smile Clinic to everyone I know. Thank you


The team always made me feel welcome. It really made the difference to someone who did have a dental phobia. Calming, lovely and kind. Tim is a whizz. The whole experience really has exceeded my expectations.


Thank you so much for all your care and help over the past 6 months. I can now smile with confidence on my wedding day in July.


Everybody was very kind and professional and it didn't hurt. The result is amazing! I feel a lot more confidence in myself.


Thank you so much for the beautiful new smile you have given me. It is something that I have always wished for.

My whole experience has been fantastic and have been made to feel completely comfortable and at ease during the whole process.

I will certainly recommend you to others. Many thanks


I was made to feel comfortable and at ease, I was excited. The result is brilliant. I love it. When meeting new people, I do not feel the urge to put my hand over my mouth and feel more confident.


Absolutely thrilled with the results from my teeth and the service I have received, thank you Dr Tim. Regards


During the treatment, I felt reassured and at ease, no matter what my concerns and questions. The result is FANTASTIC!. I cannot believe that I waited so long to have it done! It has changed the way others perceive me.


The treatment I received from David was fantastic, worth every penny, I have much more confidence in the appearance and health of my teeth, I wish I had come sooner, thanks


It is simply outstanding, beyond my wildest dreams. I am much more confident and relaxed about photos and one on one conversations.


Huge thanks to Manrina and Anna and all the rest of the team for the wonderful treatment and fabulous result. I have beautiful teeth for the first time in many years and it has increased how much I smile….and how much others smile in return.

Wonderful, friendly and professional team.



David, Dora and the team were very reassuring and professional throughout. I now finish off conversations with a confident smile. I enjoy being photographed and I am fast-tracking my next career move which I have never had the confidence before to do. Incredible, extraordinary, amazing! Take your pick!


Braces off!!! Thank you so much. I have been through a lot with those braces, but do not regret a single thing. Excellent result! Thank you Preet and Anna ;-)


It was fantastic seeing such a noticeable change to my teeth week by week. I am over the moon with my new smile and now feel much more confident.


Wow, what can I say, Manrina, Anna and the team were fantastic throughout the whole experience. Manrina listened to my concerns and guided me wonderfully through the process. Well done! I would recommend them highly.

Rob .H

Each visit was like a little gift!. I am so happy with the result. With “snap happy” family and friends I no longer worry about people seeing gaps in the side of my smile in photographs. Brilliant!


Tim and Heidi, what can I say? Ana amazing result- I could have only dreamed of- thank you so much for everything and for giving me a wonderful smile

Melanie x

Thank you so much for your brilliant service. From the first moment I attended my initial consultation I was made to feel at ease and confident about treatment. Throughout the process I always felt positive and couldn’t be happier with the result. James is a multi-talented genius!


To David, Dor and the London Smile Clinic team. Thank you very much for my beautiful smile!

Adriana xx

I felt very comfortable throughout the treatment and can’t believe it was pain free, which is what I was worried about. I am extremely happy with the result.


To Preet, Anna, David and Dora, Thank you all so much for all your hard work. The whole team at London Smile Clinic has been fantastic! First class results


The care I received from the clinic was excellent at all times, communications were also excellent. My teeth look fantastic, the outcome is better than I ever could have expected. The expense was definitely worthwhile!


Big thanks to Tim for my veneers, which look great!! Thank you for looking after me after my very bad experience with a previous dentist. Best wishes


Pampered! The experience was fantastic, the clinic facilities are gorgeous and I felt well looked after. I am so happy with the result. I cannot put it into words! It has been such a confidence booster.


I would like to thank you for my wonderful new smile. Tim you have changed my life! Thank you.


During the treatment, I felt comfortable, relaxed in the hand of a professional and confident that the result would be good. I am very happy and satisfied with the result.


All the treatment was clearly explained and every single question I had was answered. I am so happy with the result. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I could have a smile like this. It’s so natural and not “Hollywood” as some friends had feared. I must stop smiling at strangers though!


Very good, excellent service, No pain & lots of gain! I am very happy with the result. It’s been such a confidence boost, I am much more comfortable.


The team made me feel very welcome. My treatment was very comfortable.


I would say the whole experience has been very pleasant and made better by the fantastic staff. It exceeded my expectations, my teeth look very natural and I am glad I had the courage of my convictions! The team are absolutely wonderful characters. I felt confident in their ability and safe in their hands.


I felt very comfortable during my treatment. I am so happy with the result and cannot stop smiling. FANTASTIC!


Very good, the result really exceeded my expectations. I now grin a lot more! The team made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, more than could be expected.


Everyone was really friendly and reassuring, they made the whole process much more comfortable for me! The result far exceeded my expectations, I can't stop smiling at people! My veneers look really natural. I was worried that it would be obvious that I had them done, but it just looks like I have always had fantastic teeth!


I barely noticed what was being done because I was made so comfortable. I was too busy enjoying my film and it was completed so quickly. Definitely exceeded my expectations. The results are flawless and exactly matched what I had requested as my ideal. The team was very friendly, reassuring and welcoming. I couldn’t have asked for more.


Excellent. I had high expectations after looking at marketing pictures and I was certainly not disappointed. The team was very friendly and professional. Past dental visits usually provoked some apprehension but not once did I experience this when coming to The London Smile Clinic.


I am very happy with the result, they look very natural. I can smile widely without worrying about how I will look in photos. I loved James – He made me feel very comfortable. He reined me in when I wanted something outrageous, like ultra bright white teeth.

I love the result! It’s much better than I expected! James and Michelle made me feel comfortable at all times. The team are very approachable which helps. Brilliant.


I love the results and it has exceeded my expectations. The team were professional, helpful and made the whole experience stress free and comfortable. It's Fabulous.


The whole process was much easier than I expected. My new smile is even better than I imagined. The team was the best part. Really fun, friendly and they made me feel relaxed.


My treatment was very comfortable. It easily matched my expectations. I am very happy with the result. My new smile has improved my self confidence. I can now smile and laugh without feeling the need to keep my mouth closed. The team were very professional and friendly.


I was nervous to start with but did not feel any pain. It was comfortable and not as bad as I thought it would be. The result is excellent. It didn’t take long at all a few months for everything including the teeth straightening in the lower.

Close relatives and friends have noticed and complimented me on how great my smile looks. Plus it’s so natural looking. It’s definitely boosts my confidence. I’m delighted with the results. The team were extremely helpful, polite and understanding. Manrina was very friendly and professional, guiding me through the whole experience. Marvellous!


Most of my treatment was very comfortable. It looks great my teeth look natural, much more realistic than I expected them to. I smile all the time now, I feel like I have made myself better for me as well as those around me and I like that!

My experience with the treatment was enjoyable! Because of the people, the teeth and the result! The team contribute to my experience was very much so! I will miss coming for sure!


I was keen to improve the look of my gummy, uneven and gapped smile. My treatment was gentle and my dignity was preserved through out.

My expectations were defiantly matched. It makes me less self conscious about smiling and laughing. I won’t have to put my hand in front of my mouth anymore. The team listened to what I wanted and managed my expectations.

The treatment was very comfortable. I have been looked after by the complete team from start to finish. The result has exceeded my expectations and created a very natural smile. My new smile has created a fresh look. It is amazing! The team pulled together they were really friendly and always put me at ease!


The result is great I finally have the smile I’ve wanted for years. The team has been brilliant, really friendly and understanding. They showed a real interest in what I thought and felt was right for me. It is fantastic.


Having the movie goggles really helped with the boredom and as someone who has never liked the dentist, I can say it was virtually pain free. I love the results. They exceed my expectations tenfold. People don’t ask "have you had your teeth done?" they ask "why do you look so well?"


I am very happy with the results they have exceeded my expectations. I’m more confident and not afraid or embarrassed to smile now. Everyone in the team has been wonderful, very supportive.

Ai Li Oon