Porcelain Crowns and Teeth Whitening

This lovely lady had been thinking of improving her smile for quite some time as she had been feeling very self-conscious but was very nervous of dentistry. Although she is a confident person she always felt her smile was holding her back, then her pending wedding prompted her to eventually come in and meet with us.


Non-invasive Cosmetic Dental Treatment

This lovely lady came to us to improve on her smile as she was feeling self-conscious about her smile and wanted to be happy having her picture taken

Old Crowns and Ageing Teeth

This lovely patient has had a patchwork of dentistry over the years-old crowns, white fillings and she has lost confidence in smiling, it was a very ageing look

Discoloured, Broken Front Teeth

This young patient had really aging, discoloured, broken down front teeth.


Crooked Front Teeth – Broken Smile

A combination of crooked front teeth and an accident has left this lovely young patient with a broken smile.

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