Extreme Makeover

Living TV's Extreme Makeover UK


The London smile clinic had the privilege to be invited to take part in Living TV’s Extreme Makeover UK. A program from the US in which members of the public transform their lives and looks, with the help of a team of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair and make-up artists, stylists and personal trainers.

Jacqui's Case study

Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith created an amazing smile for Jacqui Thornton a 42 year old mother of 2. Over a period of eight weeks Jacqui had her gums lifted, two crowns replaced, aluminium posts inserted and had eight porcelain veneers, all done with the minimum of discomfort.

Jacqui’s got plenty to smile about now. She’s bombarded with compliments about her teeth on a daily basis – now that’s certainly something to smile about. The natural appearance of her teeth has left people puzzled when she tells them that she’s been to see a cosmetic dentist; “People never believe me because they’re not what they imagine teeth to look like after a cosmetic dentist has been at them. They’re so natural in there appearance; they really don’t look “done”.


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