This patient was unhappy with the crowding in her upper teeth, 9 months of Inman Aligner, whitening and bonding created this lovely smile.

The patient presented at the clinic unhappy with their un-even teeth and open bite. With a combination of braces and Jaw surgery, the case was completed in 2 years.

This patient was concerned with the crowding of her upper teeth and prominence of her lowers. We removed 4 teeth and treated with fixed braces in 18months.

This patient was unhappy with her rotated and uneven teeth. She had 18 months of fixed upper and lower lingual orthodontics and then whitening and bonding to give this lovely result.

Unhappy with the crooked teeth a combination of fixed and removable braces over 2 years correcting the alignment.

Following an accident, this patient wanted to straighten and improve his smile. Ceramic braces were worn for 9 months and then 3 Veneers and 1 crown were placed.
‘Treatment was brilliant, really exceeded my expectations’.

This patient was self-conscious of their underbite. Fixed metal braces were worn for 15months.

Patient was unhappy with the crowding of his upper and lower teeth. Fixed upper and lower ceramic braces were worn for 19 months.

Patient was unhappy with the gaps in his teeth. Upper and lower Incognito lingual braces were worn for 24 months to close the gaps and straighten the teeth

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