A gum lift and porcelain veneers on ten teeth were used to correct the gummy smile, close gaps and develop full sized teeth and an attractive smile.

A gum lift on the front teeth combined with porcelain veneers, implant supported bridgework and crowns created a really nice looking smile.

A gum lift and ten veneers were used to align the crowding and tilted smile.

A gum lift was carried out on the upper teeth followed by ten veneers. An Inman aligner was used to straighten the lower teeth followed by whitening.

Eight porcelain veneers and a gum lift on four teeth were used to create a more ideal proportion and a wider smile.

A gum lift procedure was used to raise the gum level and eight veneers were used to straighten and whiten the upper teeth. Over the same period, the lower teeth were straightened with an Inman aligner.

This lady was keen to improve the look of her gummy, uneven and gapped smile. A gum lift and veneers on ten teeth were used to create an attractive, natural and confident new smile.

This patient wanted natural improvements. Twelve veneers were placed on her top teeth along with a gum lift which created her perfect smile.

Laura had been unhappy with the appearance of her 5 old veneers for quite some time. They were placed when she was 13 so were 15 years old when she came to see us at The London Smile Clinic. Eight new veneers were placed and a gum lift procedure on two teeth gave Laura her new improved smile.

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