The severe discolouration and surface mottling was particularly noticeable on the front two teeth. Porcelain veneers were used to mask this colour and give a beautiful new smile.

These very dark teeth were brightened using porcelain veneers to mask the old unsightly bonding. Take a close look at how natural they look.

Porcelain veneers were used to create a much brighter and more aesthetic smile.

Surface discolouration another problems were all solved with porcelain veneers as part of this smile makeover.

BriteSmile in-chair whitening was used to create this striking result in just one appointment.

This patient had one very dark front tooth. Both front teeth were treated to create the most symmetrical and invisible result. A combination of one crown and one veneer created a very natural effect.

This lady had severely decayed and stained front teeth. Four veneers were fitted to give a healthy, attractive smile.

These old discoloured composite bondings were replaced with porcelain veneers. A full set on top and bottom teeth transformed this patient’s smile.

This patient was unhappy with a number of problems, but particularly the dark colour of her teeth. A combination of a gum lift, crowns, veneers and a bridge transformed her smile giving her a more attractive and whiter smile.

After damaging his front teeth in a accident Chris wanted to repair and improve his smile. Two crowns and two veneers were placed on his four front teeth to create a natural smile.

This patient felt her teeth were too pointy in appearance and she was also not happy with the colour and mottling of her teeth. Eight veneers were placed to transform the color and shape of her teeth, but still keep a natural look. Harriet describes the result as “fantastic!”

After seeing how great her smile could look at her cosmetic consultation using our computer imaging this patient could not wait to start treatment. Ten veneers were placed to create a natural smile with a fresher and brighter look!

After seeing how great her sisters new smile looked this patient chose to have a smile makeover herself. Porcelain bridges & crowns were placed along with some whitening to develop a beautiful new smile.

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10 Secrets to
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