Old Porcelain Crowns and Upper Tooth Worn

The Problem

This lovely patient has had old porcelain crowns which have been deteriorated over the years.

The Solution

She is very happy with the transformation of her smile, achieved by the combination of having new porcelain crowns, tooth whitening and composite fillings.

The Interview

What motivated you to change your smile?

The deteriorating appearance of anterior crowns and appearance of wear of posterior teeth plus darkening of colour.

What treatment have you had?

Whitening, porcelain crowns and inlays.

How did you feel during the process, was your treatment comfortable?

Mostly very comfortable.

How do you feel about the result, did it match or exceed your expectations?

Yes it did match my expectations.

Is it something you would recommend to family and friends?

Yes definitely.

How has your new smile changed your life, what difference will it make to you?

Much happier with my smile and reassured that I have had dental care carried out of the highest possible standard.

Sum up your experience in one word:


How did the team contribute to your experience?

The team work fantastically together making you feel so welcome and important and reassuring that they will work with you and get the best result possible.

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