Gaps and Old Crowns

The Problem

This patient particularly didn’t like the gap between the front teeth. She was also unhappy with the size discrepancy of her front teeth and the unsightly dark line above her old crowns.

The Solution

Porcelain veneers and crowns were used to close the gap, and to match the size and colour of all the teeth visible in the smile.

The Interview

What motivated you to change your smile?

For thirty years I’ve had gaps in my teeth which I became more conscience of as I got older. I also work in an image orientated business where I felt my smile was my only “hang up/weakness”

How did you feel during the process?

Nervous and excited in equal measures. David, Dora and the team were very reassuring and professional through out.

How do you feel about the result?

Like a ‘wrong’ is now a ‘right’

Is it something you would recommend to family and friends?

Definitely, but so far because my new smile is so natural not a lot of people have noticed. A big compliment to David.

How has your new smile changed your life?

I now finish off conversations with a confident smile. I enjoy being photographed and I am fast-tracking my next career move which I have never had the confidence before to do.

Sum up your experience in one word

Incredible, extraordinary, amazing! Take your pick!

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