Dark front teeth, small gaps and teeth discolouration

The Problem

This patient had always wanted to do something about the appearance of his dark front teeth as his smile did not give him confidence day to day.

The Solution

1 crown and 1 veneer were placed. After his treatment at The London Smile Clinic lack of confidence was not a problem as you can see from this fantastic result!

The Interview

What motivated you to change your smile?

I had always been aware and felt uncomfortable with my dark teeth.

What treatment have you had?

1 crown and 1 veneer.

How did you feel during the process, was your treatment comfortable?

Yes, very comfortable

How do you feel about the result, did it match or exceed your expectations?

The result is amazing and has exceeded my expectations

Is it something you would recommend to family and friends?


How has your new smile changed your life, what difference will it make to you?

My new smile has given me more confidence .

Sum up your experience in one word:


How did the team contribute to you experience?

Everyone at the clinic was amazing .

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