Old Crowns

Case 1

Porcelain crowns and veneers were used to replace the old crowns and other old dentistry as part of a full smile makeover.

old crownsold crowns

Case 2

These unsightly old crowns were replaced because the margins were visible and they were a little too dark and looked fake. Take a close look at how natural our new crowns look.

old crownsold crowns

Case 3

Old crowns, crowding and uneven gum levels. A combination of problems were resolved using porcelain veneers and crowns. The whole treatment took three months because gum levels needed balancing but it was worth the wait.

old crownsold crowns

Case 4

This patient had extensive gum disease and receding gums. The new, all porcelain crowns will not go black at the margins like the old crowns.

old crownsold crowns

Case 5

Porcelain crowns and a gum lift were used to replace the old crowns, widen the smile and create much more symmetrical balanced look.

old crownsold crowns

Case 6

This patient was unhappy with the length and appearance of the crowns on her top front teeth. Four highly aesthetic and better proportioned porcelain crowns were used to create a natural look that blended seamlessly with her own teeth.

old crownsold crowns

Case 7

This lady came to us very unhappy with her old crowns and all previous dentistry. A full smile makeover exceeded her expectations and she is now able to smile with confidence.

old crownsold crowns

Case 8

This patient had a number of problems with the look of his smile he wanted to improve and came to us wanting a complete smile makeover. Ten veneers where placed on his upper teeth combined with lower whitening to achieve a result that truly exceeded his expectations

old crownsold crowns

Case 9

Sarah needed to replace some missing teeth and decided it was time to replace all her old crowns to refresh her whole smile! Twelve crowns and three dental implants of her upper teeth and whitening of her lowers gave Sarah the natural yet improved smile she always wanted.

Old Crowns and Missing TeethOld Crowns and Missing Teeth

Case 10

This pateint had chipped front crown, dark and stained teeth. A combination of hygiene therapy, composite bonding and new porcelain crown on the front tooth has transformed the smile.

Chipped front teeth crown, dark tooth,stained teethChipped front teeth crown, dark tooth,stained teeth