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In the Media

Dental Smile Makeovers

Cosmetic Dentistry Overview

What cosmetic dentistry can do for a smile and improve self-esteem

Dental Smile Makeover Part 1

What is a smile makeover?

Dental Smile Makeover Part 3

Plan a smile makeover and factors to choose the ideal smile design for a particular patient

Dental Smile Makeover Part 4

The step following the 3D preview and why we use that process

Dental Smile Makeover Part 5

Patients are able to see photographs of similar cases to their own


Why choose us

The Ultimate Cosmetic Dentist

Practice’s philosophy and how we implement that everyday with each patient

Beautiful and predictable cosmetic dentistry

‘extreme dental makeovers’ with a conservative approach

Our Expert Dentists

Awards and recognition we have been given for our dentistry work

Word of mouth and Stress-free Dentistry

Our client and service features we offer

Our Advanced Technology

State-of-the-art technology we offer in our practice

Our Award-Winning Team and Five year Guarantee

Awards and recognition we have been given for our dentistry work


About us

Welcome to The London Smile Clinic

A brief introduction to the practice

Meet Dr. Tim Bradstock-Smith

Interview with Dr. Tim Bradstock-Smith

The London smile experience

The atmosphere and the reassurance


Customer Care

Guarantee and Ongoing Care

Regular Hygiene Visits and 5 year guarantee