Combined Orthodontic and Cosmetic Treatments

This lovely patient came to us as she wanted to improve on the discolouration of her teeth.

Clear Aligners and Teeth Veneers

This lovely patient came to us as she was unhappy with her smile. She had been thinking of making changes for quite some time but was anxious about dentistry and wanted to be confident she would be treated by the right dentist.

Porcelain Crowns and Teeth Whitening

This lovely lady had been thinking of improving her smile for quite some time as she had been feeling very self-conscious but was very nervous of dentistry. Although she is a confident person she always felt her smile was holding her back, then her pending wedding prompted her to eventually come in and meet with us.


Tooth Coloured Braces

This lovely patient was self conscious of his teeth and how they affected his smile. He wanted to improve his confidence and the impact that his smile would have on his life.

Non-invasive Cosmetic Dental Treatment

This lovely lady came to us to improve on her smile as she was feeling self-conscious about her smile and wanted to be happy having her picture taken