Acid Tooth Erosion

Problem: Acid erosion.

Solution: Porcelain veneers / splint therapy

Harriet had suffered from a common and much misunderstood condition which results in self induced vomiting. Stomach acid is very strong and can quickly dissolve tooth enamel and dentine. In Harriet’s case the erosion on the back of her tooth teeth was so severe that the nerve of the tooth was only just protected.

Apart from the obvious risk to the health of the teeth Harriet’s other concern was that her teeth looked short and drew unwanted attention to her smile, this shortness was simply due to the teeth being worn down as they become thin from the acid attack.

The solution that Dr James Russell proposed was 12 porcelain veneers / crowns to restore her teeth back to the ideal length. A gum lift was also required to create the ideal tooth proportions. Have a look at the computer imaging simulation to see the proposed changes to her smile.

In the end Harriet’s disorder had recurred and she did not feel in a position to move forwards with the veneer treatment. Instead, Dr James Russell made Harriet guards that she could wear at night to protect her teeth from her natural grinding habit. These guards also had reservoirs built into them so that she could load the trays with a re-mineralising solution, helping protect her teeth from acids during vomiting.

Acid Tooth Erosion, porcelain veneers - before pictureAcid Tooth Erosion, porcelain veneers - before picture

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