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Combined Orthodontic and Cosmetic Treatments

Braces and Gum lift - before pictureBraces and Gum lift - after picture

This lovely patient came to us as she wanted to improve on the discolouration of her teeth, During the consultation, we decided we could achieve the gold standard smile by realigning the teeth with braces first and improving on gum level with a gum lift prior to ceramics. A complete transformation using combined orthodontic and cosmetic treatments has completed the perfect smile. And the results… As she says herself Amazing!!

Porcelain Crowns and Teeth Whitening

Tooth Crowns and teeth whitening - before pictureTeeth Porcelain Crowns and teeth whitening - after picture

This lovely lady had been thinking of  improving  her smile for quite some time as she had been feeling very self-conscious  but was very nervous of dentistry. Although she is a confident person she always felt her smile was holding her back, then her pending wedding prompted her to eventually come in and meet with us. She had some general dentistry then in-house  whitening and two new crowns to give her a stunning new smile and restore her confidence. From start to finish she can’t believe the difference it has made!!

Non-invasive Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Non-invasive Cosmetic Dental Treatment - before pictureNon-invasive Cosmetic Dental Treatment - after picture

This lovely lady came to us to improve on her smile as she was feeling self-conscious about her smile and wanted to be happy having her picture taken . We provided her with whitening procedure, Bonding and a crown. This was a fairly non-invasive way of achieving a great result. It has exceeded her expectations and she is much more confident now.

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