Crowded Teeth and Discolouration

Smile of The Month: October 2009

Crowded Teeth and Discolouration - after pictureCrowded Teeth and Discolouration - before pictureCrowded Teeth and Discolouration - after picture

Problem and Solution


Amanda was really unhappy about the crowding and discoloration of her front teeth. She was so impressed with her friends treatment results that she decided to have treatment at The London Smile Clinic too.


She wore the Inman aligner for 7 weeks to achieve this amazing result! She feels the results are a real confidence boost and now cant stop smiling.

Client Interview:

What motivated you to change your smile?

My friend had treatment here and I was very impressed with her results.

What treatment did you have?

Inman aligner treatment and whitening.

How did you feel during the process, was your treatment comfortable?

Yes it was all very good!

How do you feel about the result, did it match or exceed your expectations?

Exceeded, absolutely.

Is it something you would recommend to family and friends?


How has your new smile changed your life, what difference will it make to you?

I feel more confident and also like looking at my new smile.

Sum up your experience in one word:


How did the team contribute to you experience?

Everyone was very welcoming friendly and helpful.